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The number of people utilizing the internet for the purposes of searching for information and purchasing online is increasing at exponential rates. The website is the businesses online storefront; the first impression that many potential customers will have of the business and judgments made according to the website design itself, in terms of appearance, functionality, usability, and suitability. Effective website design has become a vital ingredient in the marketing mediums and initiatives for businesses throughout the world.

Is your business ready for modern speed?

In this modern age of science and internet, people are moving at really fast speed and so are their businesses. The era of information technology has put everything at your fingertips. Therefore before going to the marketplace, they make their choices on the net by checking different sites. A lot of the buyers don't even bother to go to the marketplace. They just purchase through the internet. That’s why a modern website needs to be truly effective in driving the objective and profitability of the business. The website must attract high levels of traffic, and then through design principles that are centered around the needs of your target market. The selection process for customers has become very quick and you need to be quick too.

Services In Creation of the Websites

CORPORATE WEBSITE The full-fledged resource can present as the company, and to sell services and goods
LANDING PAGE Often the one-page, selling resource with conversion ability to 45%
ONLINE STORE The interactive website is intended for advertising and sale of goods with the maximum automation of processes
ONLINE BUSINESS CARD It is often the small website without technical restrictions presenting services or goods
EXCLUSIVE Resource of any complexity, news portals, various services and bulletin boards
THE SELLING WEBSITE Involvement of target visitors with the maximum return and conversion to 45%
PROMOTION WEBSITE The selling page for promotion of brands, special offers, exclusive goods or services
CATALOGUE SITE Resource for sale and the presentation of goods with a large number of sections and pages
ONE-PAGE WEBSITE The selling resource, is directed to effective receiving clients from contextual advertizing

Cost and price of creation of the websites

Your business – is individual therefore the cost of the website which is made for it is calculated in a personal order, proceeding from a number of various criteria. The prices of the website development depend on the enormous number of parameters and conditions. In advance the web studio is capable to specify the minimum cost which is adapted and adjusted depending on complexity of a web resource and other factors.
All websites are broken into groups, each of which has price orientation. In order to understand what group will become favorable option for business of the client, it is necessary to carry out the marketing analysis of business which includes audit of competitors, the market, exclusivity of business, etc.
The cost of the websites depends on the purpose which is set before them. If you are a beginner in Internet business and your purpose – to inform potential customers on existence of the company, then start with the web business card which is much cheaper than the corporate website – a resource for the large and established firms. If the resource purpose – to sell goods and services in big assortment, it is necessary the difficult and flexible functionality capable to correctly interact with the consumer. The creation price depends on the number of modules, complexity of design and functionality.

Factors on which the price of the website development depends

There are clear prices for stages of the website development, it is only possible to speak about the price range for different types of projects. However factors which directly influence development of the web page are defined:
• Degree of readiness of studio customers (is there an idea, representation of design and functionality, well-defined performance specification, and readiness to take part in creation and discussion of the project).;
• Complexity of design – the number of individually traced pages and logical blocks, quantity of collages and creation of graphics from scratch;
• Existence of additional modules (page of discussions, news feed, language panel, blog, etc.);
• Complexity of functionality (introduction of payment service providers, interactions between users, personal accounts etc.).;
• Level of organization and client demands.
The price of creation of the turnkey website will raise at the expense of the order of additional services which influence quality of the website, recognition of the company and its profit. Promotion (advance) and support of a resource belongs to the main recommended services.

The price of the website development with services of promotion and support

The price of the website development in BOLD Webagency. Without promotion of the project its creation is useless. The full range of measures, directed to promotion, remove a web resource in the TOP of search queries that increases inflow of new clients and profitability of business. The website promotion is carried out within 2-3 months, the cost of service depends on a way of advertizing campaign, it can be contextual advertising, SEO promotion, promotion in social nets, etc. The plan of PR campaigns is individually developed for the website which affected the total price of its creation.
The scale of advertizing campaign influences website cost. Promotion of a resource across all Ukraine will be more expensive, than locally, on the concrete city or area. The topic of the website determines the level of the competitive environment. If the website offers highly competitive goods or services which realize tens of the rival companies, then costs of promotion will be higher. For example Sale of household and digital equipment, plastic windows, cosmetics, cars, insurance, banking and tourist services are the topics for which the price of promotion and taking of the website to the big leagues is considerable. In this case contextual advertizing will be more budgetary, but only on a short period.
Also cost is influenced by the frequency of key inquiries. Optimization of a resource for the created inquiries with a different frequency of visits has the pluses and minuses. Low-frequency inquiries demand more intensive promotion, therefore, work of employees group will be more expensive, however such SEO optimization hits the mark – the potential buyer with probability of 9 of 10 will see the offer of the website exactly to his (her) expectations.
Support of a web resource is a separate part of customers expenses and is responsible for quality of the page functioning. With its help the resource contains relevant information, a photo and video, news, articles in blogs and forums that positively influences image of the company. Technical support provides stability and functioning of the project, protection against breakings and quickly resolve problems.
The customer independently chooses additional services as only he (she) has to solve about profitability of a resource work after its delivering. Website cost also depends on it.
The competitive website isn't cheap. The profit of the website depends on correctness and professionalism of the ideologies put in creation of the project. The quality, literacy, knowledge and compliance to requirements of web technologies and search engines are pricing links from which the project price is formed. The more the company will pour cash into creation of the website, the higher its return in the future.

What functionality is included into the minimum price of the website from BOLD Webagency

At the appeal to our company, the manager discloses the minimum price of the website development in New York and United States. These factors are automatically included in the announced price:
• Feedback form;
• The number of the resource pages without restrictions (except for one pager);
• Modules of a slider and photo gallery;
• Search box in the website, visit statistics;
• Location map, online consultant;
• Introduction of social nets, mailbox and block of responses.
The quality of functionality plays a paramount role in creation of the web project. Having decided to order creation of the turnkey website in BOLD Webagency, we guarantee the highest quality and introduction of the latest computer and marketing technologies which influence increase in effectiveness of a resource.

Why such difference is in the cost of the website development in New York?

The prices of the website development are in wide range. In the capital it is possible to buy the website from 500-800 hryvnias. Such resource is created on a template which is repeatedly used. As a result the project loses originality and trust of clients.
Often such web projects aren't bought, and are provided for rent, as a result: • It is impossible to get access to the server where the website is physically located;
• It is impossible to transfer a resource to other hosting and to be engaged in completion;
• Extension of a hosting rent– is in 2-3 times more expensive.
The clients who have ordered a cheap web resource receive:
• Instability in work of a hosting and all project;
• Mistakes and bugs in functionality of the project;
• Incompetent support from the developer;
• Loss of the current clients, stop of sales, negative profit.
Whether to save on the website price and to order nonprofit web page the personal - is choice of each customer. Remember, the profitable resource which works for business, increase in attendance of traffic and sale isn't cheap.
The prices of the website development in New York vary from several hundred to tens of thousands of hryvnias. The price speaks about quality, put in work. The individual design which is created for customers and bears identity, isn't cheap. Low price in this case speaks about non-profitable and nonprofessional result. Each businessman himself decides what sum to invest in development of business and the website development. However if desired to gain income, to attract target traffic, to develop your firm, doing by the favourite, we recommend not to save and order the website development in BOLD Webagency.
When addressing to us, you receive professional quality on creation of elite design, programming, optimization, a copywriting, promotion and branding. Having invested once in the professional website, you will manage to pay off in 3-6 months, getting good profit on a resource.

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