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Increase the credibility of your business

Internet users are becoming increasingly sophisticated. They use the Internet to make purchases, book tickets and answer questions. There isn’t a single geographic area that doesn’t have an Internet connection. Businesses that don’t have a Web site are losing potential customers. Instead, they will look for alternative sites. Trust in a company’s website is increased if it provides relevant and useful information. That’s why our Pasadena designer can help you. The designer will create a website that is unique to your business, keeping all the details in mind. A website is a representation of your professional image, and it will help you rank higher with current and future clients.

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Showcase your services the best way possible

Every business strives for expansion in the market to reach new clients. Face-to face interactions are still important. Business is often built through word-of-mouth. A website, however, allows you to “pass out your card” to thousands online. E-commerce stores allow you to sell your products online and ship the products to customers around the world. It’s possible that you will find customers in another state or city who are interested. This may lead to expansion of your service area or even the opening of regional offices. According to U.S. small business owners, 81% say that websites have helped them to grow their businesses. Websites allow you to reach more potential customers.

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Search Engine Optimization - SEO

In today’s digital world, a pretty website is not enough. BOLD’s Sarasota web design service integrates with SEO solutions. We start with comprehensive keyword research. The results will become the basis for your strategy. Site audits are performed as well as other steps to speed up the creation process.

Web Design and Development

Our Sarasota web designer experts have extensive experience in numerous areas such as Shopify or WordPress website creation. One thing you can expect from our team: we don’t like templates. Because we believe every brand has unique needs, that is why we don’t like templates. We want your site and brand to reflect you, so we create high quality mockups that help you visualize the finished product.

Content Writing

BOLD’s content team specializes creating content that converts. We create high-quality, relevant content that connects with your target audience. This will also improve your site’s rankings in search engines. Whether you’re looking for thought leadership via blog posts, or more traffic to your landing pages, BOLD can assist with all your writing needs.

Shopify Web Design

Shopify’s custom themes are a great way to increase your online presence. They convert well. Our Sarasota web designers will create a data-driven design strategy to fulfill your eCommerce needs and goals. Our digital marketing skills and technical expertise allow us to create responsive websites that give your customers seamless shopping.

Responsive Web Design

We provide Sarasota web design services that focus on providing positive user experiences for your customers. We reduce friction, integrate responsive images, leverage heatmaps and create fluid site layouts. We use the best web development techniques to provide seamless experiences on every device.

E-commerce Web Design

We help you to stand out in the highly competitive online eCommerce marketplace. You can rely on our Sarasota web designers to create a customized site on the platform of your choice. We will work with you to develop a website that is both attractive and useful.

Custom Web Design

Our web design company Sarasota does not take shortcuts and your website will not feel like a template. We create your website to fit your business’ needs. Then we customize it to include all of the functionality you need. Our goal is to build a website that is visually appealing and highly-performing, which will be a good fit for you.

WordPress Experts

WordPress is preferred by clients because of its easy content management system, and the ability to customize site elements. Sarasotas web design agency knows the best SEO strategies to help your site rank high. WordPress’ built-in SEO capabilities make this task much easier. We can customize your WordPress site to meet your business’s needs.

Website Hosting

BOLD provides web hosting solutions that will increase your productivity and stimulate your company’s growth. We monitor your network, scan for malware and update software. This will improve the performance of your site and increase security.

Top 6 Reasons Why Clients Choose BOLD as Their Sarasota Web Design Agency

Complete Transparency

BOLD has no secrets and surprises. Every step of the process, we communicate openly with our clients and maintain transparency. We are proud to share our success stories with you. We are always available to share any progress with you so that you can align each milestone with the goals. BOLD’s online portal allows you to view real-time results.

Best Responsive Design

BOLD is focused on providing the best online experience for their clients and their customers. As such, our skilled developers ensure that your website looks good on all devices and browsers. Your website will work seamlessly on all devices, including mobile, desktop and laptops using Chrome Firefox Safari Safari or any other browsers.

Unique Design

A custom designed web site gives you a reliable digital presence that meets your business’s needs in terms quality, branding, and usability. You can leverage custom web designing services to leave a positive impression for your page visitors. BOLD Internet Marketing Agency can help you expand your brand’s online reach by creating a professional website design.

Holistic Approach

We increase the effectiveness of our Sarasota website design services by using conversion rate optimization (CRO), techniques, and a customized digital strategy to achieve your business goals. We use both organic and pay strategies to drive targeted traffic to your site, improve brand awareness, optimize your sales funnel and increase your performance.

Proven Track Record

Stop wasting time and money on strategies that don’t produce consistent results. BOLD has built a reputation as a top web design company in Sarasota. They provide websites that convert. We have helped many different businesses reach their full potential on the internet.

We Are Transparent

No one is safe from us. Our progress reports always reflect the truth and are transparent. You can ask us any questions you may have about our methods and services. We will provide detailed, accurate answers.

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