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Imagine all the benefits a large agency has to offer at a fraction of the cost. We are not the cheapest, but the quality and value you get are the best.
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Increase the credibility of your business

To find out more about a product, or service, people used to consult the Yellow Pages. Most people today turn to the Internet. Because you do it, you know. It's used to find businesses, shop for products and research prices. What happens to your business if it doesn't own a website? Your website won't allow you to be found. This means you lose out on potential business. You lose revenue. Your web presence allows potential customers, employees, vendors, investors, and others to find out quickly and easily about your business, products, and services.

Your Website Works 24/7

When your website content is accessible to everyone at any given time, you have effective website usage. Your customers can interact in any manner they wish with your website, no matter what time it is. The ability to afford your product can be a powerful marketing tool. It can also increase your sales. Accessibility is another key to customer support, especially if chatbots use artificial intelligence for solving the most basic customer problems.
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SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

This is the first step to building a professional site. Next comes the implementation of a data driven SEO campaign. Our Naperville web design professionals work closely with SEO specialists to ensure that your business website has both a responsive design and is SEO-friendly. They perform detailed site analysis and competitive keyword research to determine the best strategy.
Website Design

Web Design and Development

Our Naperville web design company will handle your website's production and maintenance. Our web design team uses best practices, responsive site layouts, ADA compliant design, uncluttered user interfaces (UI), and follows industry standards. We deliver high-quality mockups of the project and progress reports so you can stay in control.
Content Development

Content Writing

Naperville web designers offer professional content writing services to help achieve your marketing goals. BOLD can provide high-quality content for SEO or PPC campaigns. We have seasoned editors and creative writers that can produce relevant content that will engage your audience.
Responsive Web Design

Shopify Web Design

Shopify themes created by our Naperville web design specialists convert customers into shoppers. We make sure your business stands out by creating a stunning and responsive theme that meets your specific requirements. Our eCommerce team can also optimize your online store for conversions.
Video Development

Responsive Web Design

Naperville web designers will constantly monitor the performance of your website across all devices and browsers. This is an ongoing process that will ensure your leads get the best experience possible on your site. Interactive and responsive websites can bring in more qualified leads. This will increase your conversions.
Digital Marketing

E-commerce Web Design

Our Naperville web developer company will take you eCommerce business to a whole new level. A functional, mobile-responsive website with the right functionality will bring you qualified leads. Our team ensures your target audience have a seamless user-experience from landing page until checkout.
Website Hosting

Custom Web Design

BOLD uses no templates in designing our sites. We provide Naperville web design that is customized to enhance user experience. We offer creative solutions that are focused on digital marketing principles, as well the most recent design innovations. This will ensure that your company is visible online.
Wordpress Development

WordPress Experts

Naperville web design agency is well-equipped to help you build the website of your dreams, no matter how complex or basic WordPress development may be. It is possible to create a site from scratch and integrate search-friendly components. We are available to perform a complete audit and develop a solid strategy if necessary.
Custom Web Design

Website Hosting

Naperville web design companies offer top-quality website hosting. We can help you achieve higher search engine rankings by offering fast page loading speeds. We can help you optimize your site and manage your website traffic. Our Naperville web designers guarantee that your website will be safe and comply with all data protection protocols.

Supercharge your workflow

Combine sections from Ollie’s vast component library and create beautiful, detailed pages.
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Unique Designs

Naperville web developers have worked with many clients. We know how to tweak elements to match your branding goals. We don't blindly apply-templates simply because they are familiar and will look good on your website. Instead, we take time to design mockups that will give you a close view of the final product.

Transparent Reporting

BOLD, unlike many web design firms in Naperville, is totally transparent. We provide reports promptly and professionally. Our team ensures that you are fully informed about how we are achieving the best results for your company. Online portal lets you access your projects in addition to your detailed monthly reports. This gives you a complete overview, including task breakdown and traffic analysis.

Prompt Delivery

We know how costly delays can be for your business. BOLD is able to provide seamless communication between clients and their in-house teams. We understand how valuable your time is so we strive to keep you informed and provide follow-up. You'll work closely with your dedicated project manger at BOLD to keep you up-to date with every update.

We Build Exceptional Sites Customized to Your Needs

It is not enough to partner with any digital agency. You need to be able to communicate clearly and openly with your company's goals and objectives. This is something not all digital marketing agencies can do. Here are some reasons that we are different.

We Get Results

Naperville web design firm that is focused upon delivering excellent results. We are always looking for new ways of adding value to our clients. This is evident in our record of successful projects. We don't believe we can provide a solution that is perfect for every client. Instead, what we do is learn your business goals to create a strategy.

We Are Innovative

BOLD keeps up with changing client needs by using new trends and technology. We are constantly learning new methods to help our clients be different from their competitors. We believe that we must adapt to changing times and invest in the tools that can help us win.