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Imagine all the benefits a large agency has to offer at a fraction of the cost. We are not the cheapest, but the quality and value you get are the best.
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Increase the credibility of your business

Each day, internet users make more purchases and book tickets online. There are no areas that aren't covered by the global network. Companies without a website are likely to lose customers quickly. It is essential that a website contains all the necessary information to make a business credible. We can help you solve this problem quickly and efficiently. Our Grand Rapids designers are the best in Mi. They will design a website to reflect all aspects of your business. Your website should reflect your professionalism and help you rank higher in the eyes of your clients.

Use web site to grow your business

Every business wants to be more visible in the marketplace and reach new customers. Face-to–face interactions are important. Many businesses grow through word-of–mouth. But a website can allow you to "pass on your card out” to thousands of customers online. Online shopping allows you to sell and ship items anywhere in the world. You may find customers in a nearby city or state interested in your services. This might lead to a larger service area and even expansion to regional offices. According to U.S. statistics, 81 per cent of small businesses believe that a website has been a key factor in their growth. A website allows you to reach more customers and offers better opportunities.
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SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Our web design company Grand Rapids mi will build your website using SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to increase its searchability. Our in-depth backlink strategy will connect you with authoritative websites. To improve your ranking in search results, we assess and enhance your search engine ranking factors.
Website Design

Web Design and Development

Your website is a reflection of your company. Your audience will appreciate a modern, dynamic, and simple-to-navigate website design. The web design team in Grand Rapids mi provides wireframes and draft photos to make sure your website is a success. BOLD is a creative and innovative web design company that combines technical knowledge with creativity to create a custom website strategy for you business.
Content Development

Content Writing

High-quality content is essential for every campaign, whether it's SEO, PPC or social media marketing. Grand Rapids digital marketing agency employs a dedicated team that includes professional editors and content writers. We create high-quality, optimized content that engages target audiences and communicates your strongest value proposition.
Responsive Web Design

Shopify Web Design

Shopify themes that convert customers will help you stay ahead of the game. Based on your goals and requirements, our Grand Rapids web design agency develops data-driven strategies. We then design and develop responsive themes to provide seamless shopping experiences for customers, from browsing to product shipment.
Video Development

Responsive Web Design

Digital marketing campaigns are dependent on your website's responsiveness, overall functionality, and other features. Our Grand Rapids mi web designers ensure that users are able to navigate and interact with your site. Our web design team uses fluid images, clean layouts and media queries to ensure that your website works well on all devices, including mobile and desktop. To ensure that your website is always usable, our web development team monitors its performance.
Digital Marketing

E-commerce Web Design

Innovative web design will keep you ahead of the rest. Grand Rapidss web design firm has top-notch programmers and developers that create professional, mobile-responsive, interactive websites optimized for seamless shopping. Our Grand Rapids digital marketing expertise is combined with cutting-edge design to provide the best solution for your online shopfront.
Website Hosting

Custom Web Design

We do not believe in offering clients a single-size-fits-all solution. BOLD specializes in building websites that will help you dominate the internet. The Grand Rapids digital marketing and development team is skilled and can create a custom website that accurately represents your business and generates results.
Wordpress Development

WordPress Experts

We know how to get your business noticed by people and grab their attention. Our Grand Rapids web designers will create a functional, searchable website in the timeframe you require. We make it as easy as possible for customers to use your website as their primary point of contact 24/7.
Custom Web Design

Website Hosting

We make sure your website's page speed stays high. Our Grand Rapids web design company provides WordPress web hosting solutions that are trusted to be reliable and secure. Our web hosting services make it easy to manage and update your website.

Supercharge your workflow

Combine sections from Ollie’s vast component library and create beautiful, detailed pages.
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We Deliver On Time

We understand that you require your website to be up and running quickly. Our Grand Rapids web design services follow a realistic and manageable timeline. We are a firm believer in timeliness and will meet all your expectations.

We are SEO Experts

BOLD will ensure that your website looks great and is optimized for long term growth. Our experienced search engine optimization specialists ensure that your website generates healthy traffic and qualifies leads to increase your online income. You can trust that your website will rank well in all major search engines because of our SEO expertise.

Cost-Effective Web Solutions

Websites are created by Philadelphia web designers using a content management system (CMS), like WordPress. This allows us to create dynamic web pages, facilitate collaboration, and make quick content updates all while saving you time and money.

Benchmark Websites

Only the top web design agencies in Grand Rapids can offer websites that meet today's high standards. Grand Rapids digital marketing and web design team is known for producing outstanding web design and innovative functionalities that are an inspiration to other brands. We don't use templates. We design your site with you in mind.

Extreme Client Focus

Our success is largely due to our culture and work ethic. BOLD believes in client-centricity. Our team is committed to listening and understanding your vision and goals. BOLD ensures that everyone is involved in providing the best possible service. Every project is handled with care. We keep you informed with every update.

Code That Works

We employ highly-skilled programmers as well as developers who can write clean code that actually works. Every campaign we handle is evaluated regularly to make sure it achieves the best results. This allows us to continuously improve our strategies and remain consistent in our performance.