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Increase the credibility of your business

People used to go to stores or look in yellow pages to find information about products and services. Today, most people use the Internet. You probably do it too. You use the internet to research businesses and products, as well as price shopping. What happens if your business does not have a web site? You can’t find your business. The result is that you may miss out potential business. This means that your potential business is now lost to your competition. Customers, potential workers, vendors, and even investors can easily find out more details about your company and the products or services they offer by having a presence online.

Use all digital channels to promote your business

Your website is not limited to a catalog or brochure. You can add audio and visual content to your site today in the form podcasts. Additionally, you can connect Facebook and Twitter to your site. This will allow you share content on your website as well on other channels. You can reach even more potential clients. Our specialists can help you find clients anywhere in United States, not just in Dallas.

Grow your business now with our web design services in Dallas

Start partnering with BOLD and unleash the full digital potential of your company in Dallas and across the US.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Are you able to reach your target audience by using search terms that are relevant to your website’s design? Our SEO services are designed to optimize your website for long term growth. We will conduct extensive keyword research, place the keywords correctly, and implement white hat SEO practices to improve traffic, leads, as well as conversion rates.

Web Design and Development

Dallas web design experts combine cutting-edge design concepts with specific messaging to reach your ideal customers. We will help you achieve your goals of usability, responsiveness and conversion. BOLD makes brands great. How do you achieve this? We will help you build a powerful website that works for you and implement the best digital advertising strategy for your specific business goals.

Content Writing

Without well-optimized content, a beautifully designed website will not be complete. Our Dallas web designers work with our editorial team to deliver both. They focus on creating value-adding articles, landing pages, pay-per-click (PPC), and social media copy. Our goal is to increase your site traffic, communicate your message clearly, and convince browsers to convert.

Shopify Web Design

Dallas web developers can enhance your Shopify business site’s visuals. Our web designers have a lot of experience in creating online stores, customizing themes, and maximizing user-friendliness. Shopify plans include optimization services to help you stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.

Responsive Web Design

We have a strong track record of developing mobile-friendly, SEO optimized websites that provide customers with a seamless user experience. Our team combines technology and design expertise to create a custom website that looks great on any device.

E-commerce Web Design

Our Dallas web designers can help you build an ecommerce site or update your existing one. We will also update your CMS and optimize it. BOLD’s web-development team combines technical know-how with innovative designs in order to create the perfect solution for you online shop.

Custom Web Design

BOLD is a firm believer that every company has different needs. Our Dallas web design team is ready to develop a custom design strategy for your business. Their high-quality mockups will ensure that your website connects with your brand.

WordPress Experts

Dallas web designers can handle your short-term full-time or recurring WordPress campaign. Our web designers have years of expertise in theme development. We also offer custom WordPress development and API integration.

Website Hosting

BOLD’s web design company is recognized for its industry-leading website uptime percentage, page loading speeds and tight data security. We provide flexible and cost-effective cloud storage solutions for larger data volumes. This provides stability and efficiency which can translate into great customer experience.

Top 6 Reasons Why Clients Choose BOLD as Their Dallas Web Design Agency

Advanced Technology

Dallas’s web agency uses cutting-edge technology to create websites that engage with customers of all sizes. We rely on apps and software to help us do our jobs efficiently and expertly. We also invest time and effort to master them and share the benefits with our clients.

Optimized Content

Our clients can trust us to do business with integrity and honesty. We only provide services that are relevant to our clients’ needs. Our mission is to help clients grow their businesses through the right digital marketingcampaigns.

Transparent Reporting

BOLD is about more than providing numbers and figures. We often leave our clients in the dark. We deliver detailed reports promptly and professionally. Dallas web designers will explain every detail and come up with solutions. Check out your client portal and see how we grow your company.


Our web design company Dallas will put your business goals before all else and create a custom strategy to achieve them. Because of our trusting and professional client relationships, we have enjoyed great success over many years. BOLD is a firm believer in the power of shared success. We are committed to achieving sustainable, positive results for all our clients.

"People First" Mindset

Dallas web developers at BOLD look at each client as if they were an independent, skilled artisan. We allow your individual situation to dictate the design options we provide. Think of us as an extended team.

Expert Web Dev Team

BOLD partners with a talented team of Dallas web designers and out-of-the box thinkers. We’re proud of the success stories we have had and are happy to help our clients reach new heights. BOLD’s team of digital marketers is capable of producing high-quality output, from our strategists and project managers all the way to our designers.

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