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Purpose of responsive web design

Within the fourth quarter of 2019, mobile phones produced 52.6 percent of worldwide site activity, reliably floating around the 50 percent stamp since the starting of 2017. Without a responsive web design, companies lose their target audience and sales benefits. Most companies order the Update or development of the web sites already with these requirements in mind.

User preferences in using sites

Responsive web design provides automatic matching of site pages to all parameters of the device’s browser window. It is necessary to develop responsive web design, in which information will look equally good not only on widescreen monitors but also on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones). And then the user will not additionally “expand” the screen, he does not need to enlarge the button, etc.

Ease of site management with responsive web design

SEO-website promotion takes a lot of time, and if there are two versions, it will almost double. The responsive web site design service developed by “BOLD Web agency” will significantly simplify this process since there is only one Internet resource, and it is comfortable for users of PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

In New York, the BOLD Web agency is developing websites and responsive web design with permissions for all possible gadget screens. This has several advantages:

  • Economic benefit, since only one product, is developed (one web design for the site is created).
  • User convenience in working with one site interface from any device.
  • Attracting new customers, buyers, which increases the audience and sales in general.
  • The ability to receive information, make purchases, view users’ pages of interest at any time, not only near the laptop
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Common Questions

Is it possible to modify the site or is it necessary to create a new responsive web design?

Our experts will conduct an audit of your Internet resource and determine how realistic it is to modernize it or make responsive web design more efficient.

What are the strengths of the mobile version?

Such a responsive version is easy to develop, has no extra blocks, the functionality is determined by the necessary actions. High download speed, the ability to switch to the full version of the site and the absence of unnecessary movements when searching for information is a significant plus for the user.

How does having responsive web design help you rank higher in search results?

When ranking in search engines for targeted queries, it is now taken into account how responsive the resource, how responsive web design has been used.

What should I look for when adopting a responsive website design?

Several criteria will help determine the quality of the work performed:

  • preliminary work with user preferences, identification of types of devices for entering the site to determine responsive design;
  • demanded actions in web surfing;
  • font size and active elements;
  • the functionality of details, respecting the interests of users: minimizes/opens a menu, pop-up photos, tips.

For which screen resolutions (440, 768, 980, 1220 px) is it better to develop web design?

Before starting the development of responsive web design, it is necessary to conduct web analytics: find out which devices users visit the site more often, and focus on them.

How to determine the need for responsive web design for a company?

First of all, it is necessary to determine what business goals the company decides and how responsive the version of the site will help to realize them in a high-quality manner.

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