5 ways to make a better first impression about the web interface
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5 ways to make a better first impression about the webdesign interface

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August 24, 2017

Do you keep in mind your first interview? I do and most of the people also remember their terrible failure. Or the opposite of it, first great triumph and as a result of which they got a job. But, the philosophy is that the interview outcome often depends on interviewer’s initial impression of you and not so much on the audition. However, after meeting someone up employer makes a decision within ten seconds. Just the same happens to websites.

People open your website and make a decision within few seconds. Long download time, alarming colors, pop-up windows, weak logotype, not effective user experience Рall this can affect the primal impression of the visitor. Even small shortcomings can sometimes displease users and force them to leave. And that the worst Рin this case, they seldom return. Our visitors spend approximately 13-17 seconds on jumping between pages on a website. It says that you have limited time to impress your guests. Let us figure out how to do it.  And here are 5  methods that work and help your visitors to get a good first impression about your services and company.

We propose 5 checked methods.

1. Opening video

The main purpose of the opening video is to bring information to the visitors as fast as it possible. When there is only a short time to make a primal impression, give users information they are looking for very fast, the better. For the decision of this task, opening video can become very effective. It may help not only to tell how your product works but also to show it in action.

Let us say, on the website Vida (application for search of personal trainers and tutors for a healthy lifestyle and communication with them) there is the link to video “As Vida Works” right on the home page. The three-minute visual clip can tell more, than a multipage news item. That said information is digested fast and simply.

One of the main reasons of a big index of failures on the website – that attendants are immediately bombarded with too much information. Therefore, to grab the attention quickly by means of video can be the very helpful. According to the TMG Custom Media surveys, 60% of respondents in the presence of video before the text will choose to view a roller first of all. And 22% said that they generally prefer to watch video for obtaining content, than to read texts. So if you want to describe about the product – you should not throw out at once on the visitors all details. Most likely, he (she) will only confuse. It is better to prepare the short video in which you can spaciously and vividly tell about your company, a product and about how it works.

2. Value offer

What is the principle why your product can be interesting to the potential client? Put yourself in the person’s shoes for the first time opening your website and knew nothing about you. Will he (she) turn out to find the response to this query after several seconds of a information content study? If he (she) will not – you should take heed to do of that. This is because attendants visit your website because hope to find on it the handling their problem and wait that you will be able to satisfy their wants. Value offer – is an expression in which you communicate, what you are doing and why customers shall contact you.

Do not point out it in the lower part of the page: who will read it there? The visitor, most likely, will leave the page before reaches to it. The other way about, put your offer on a prominent position, having laid down all contents in two-three sentences. A few seconds shall be enough to describe who you are and why your product is required. Ex.gr., value offer of the BlackbookHR service: “The most effective method to measure, facilitate and improve the involvement of colleagues” conveys the main meaning of a product, and the following illustration – shows how it looks.

3. Let them scroll through!

Though many of us like the things from the 90th years, some of them shall not get back: in particular, special aspects of web design. It is already time to forget about the rule “all most significant – over a bend”. Why impose on the visitors the short, overloaded with data pages when all got used to a scrolling for a long time? Look at the lending of Vuebox company prepared in BOLD Web agency – it became much easier, simpler for intussusception thanks largely to illustrations which stimulate attendants to scroll the page below to receive the next portion of information.

Such long pages give more opportunities to select primary parts of the site, to break information by semantic units: the geography of service, feedback, formulations of cases, specific commodity proposals, and so forth. Just don’t forget to provide the principle why the unique visitor will want to investigate a remaining part of your website.

4. Focus attention

Do you specify to your visitors a vector for a motion? Do they know about their further step, what they shall do and what will be received as a result? If they don’t, then call for action – the high-quality tool for the assignment of your attendants on all website. Take into account that anything can affect the usefulness of a slogan – color, size, font type, layout, the accompanying picture. Please ensure that you use all elements in coordination to select in the graphical representation your call to action against the background of remaining content Also has no fear of the empty space.

You’d be amazed how it is easily possible to go too far, trying to fill up more and more several new visual materials on the page. In the meantime, the vacuum perfectly helps to refocus attention of attendants on sites and acts necessary to you. For instance, Swrve uses color for focus on appeals to action – orange buttons are very much highlighted on a cyan wallpaper:

Remember that it is deficiently to use a signature palette of your company. Calls for action can disappear against their backdrop. Attempt other, more contrast colors – maybe even such as you did not think earlier.

5. Develop the confidential relationship

Do not devote the website only to love for yourself. Your unique visitors want to know how your product can help to handle their problems, but not why you are the most surprising firm. Make sure that besides to content that your product – is a beyond reproach tasks solution facing the client, your other verbiage is effective in itself. Your posts in the corporate blog, eReaders, comments to news from the industry etcetera – all these materials will help you to catch the interest of the member all the more, will raise the visibility of your brand name and confidence to it.


Do not force your users to understand difficult texts and muffled images. Having appeared on your page, visitors want to quickly orientate themselves – to realize, what is it that your enterprise does. If they see that the resource responds their waitings, they will return to it for supplementary information. As a result will become your customers or even admirers of your wordmark. And an advantageous initial impression of the website – that base upon which all of its further advances are built. We wish high conversion to you!