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Website Design

Our experienced team of web designers and developers focus on making stunning and affordable websites and digital products. We provide responsive website design, well balanced corporate identity; use the most suitable platform for the site, fast load speed, and search engine. Bold web agency strives to make websites better for everyone.

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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is one of the effective ways to engage the audience in a story through graphics in motion. This is a new visual trend for promotion a business online. Today motion graphics are used in all kinds of distribution channels such as social networks, corporate videos, explainers, TV channels, in-store and street promo screens. For each target audience, we will create the clear visual message.

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Logo Design

Everyone wants to have a maximum brand and name recognition. In our digital agecy based in New York work client-oriented web designers and developers that will make your business noticeable for customers. From concept to finish product, amazing Logo and brand identity design, an impressive array of brand strategies that keep your audience connected to your brand anywhere anytime. Build a brand professionally and turn your visitors into customers.

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Digital Marketing

The path to every customer's heart is different. Here in New York, we know how to use effective promoting methods by leading careful keyword research, provide search engine optimization seo services, and create quality content and promo campaigns for clients that really work. Our digital marketing strategy is based on the setting of accurate control and monitoring of movement and recognition of brand in the web through the best online marketing tools.

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We will make a modern business appearance or custom rebranding that are easy to recognize because of using powerful branding, strategic calls-to-action, social media marketing, smart user experience and an overall well-balanced website design for any Industries. Making an effective website is step number one. But do you want to have a continuing effect and keep your customers coming back for more? We know how to create ongoing and long lasting experience with your customer base applying innovative content marketing hooks and triggers that drive traffic and convert any visitors into your loyal and repeat customers.

4 steps that we use to grow
our clients business online

Branding is essential for all businesses, simple or sophisticated, small or large,in New York or L.A . An effective brand strategy highly affects your business. Let's keep it simple! The main channel of Internet interaction is visualization, the information enters our brain through the eyes, the visual perception is very important. Logo – is a graphic symbol with representing and identifying your company. The main goal is to attract, keep your visitors’ attention and also keep it longer, the best.

Corporate logo – it’s a heart of company identity. There is no way to build a brand without the logo. Look at children, they will always find MC Donald’s because they know and easily recognize the famous red and yellow M-shaped trademark. Combination of colors that are used in the design is very important and essential in building your brand image. Colors may represent trust, authority, energy, nobility, peace, and purity they are emotional components. Finding a perfect color combination for the brand is a key to successful product and service promotion. Psychologists describe in detail the feelings and emotions caused by colors and shades. And there are plenty of colorful sayings, metaphors, and proverbs. A corporate font is a specially selected font that suits all corporate identity and used for media where the text component appears - website design, advertising banners, printed products, forms of documentation, printing, large format products. It is the font, along with the rest of the corporate identity, that will help create this or that image of the brand - open and positive, business and strict, or the image of a brand striving for innovation and new achievements.

Having a corporate website is a vital decision, not just a business goal of a company. On the stage of web site developing, it’s very important to consider your identity, goals, and objectives pursued by the site and include it all in a setting. Providing convenience usability on your website is a guarantee that your customers will find the necessary information quickly. The quality of content on the website such as texts, images, graphic symbols and multimedia content must be high.

Various technical moments also included - page load speed, mobile-friendly website design, convenience update of the website content. When both the business and the development team work well coordinated, the plans, goals, objectives are effectively implemented into the project, the corporate website. As a result, the website becomes a powerful and successful digital marketing tool for your business. There are several main types of websites we offer to make. A business one page website - mainly it contains few pages of information about the company, its products and/or services and contact information. Landing page – it is a one web page website that calls the customer for concrete action. Corporate site is a web site that due to its capabilities can be used to fully promote the resource through SEO. The online store allows you to organize both an independent online business and increase sales of the company by attracting customers from the Internet.

Every company needs to try to get their website to the top of google search to generate more business. Everyday people research products and services on the websites. The successful digital marketing strategy will help you to get Page 1 and attract visitors to your website. Internet promotion is effective for all companies whose potential audience is searching for similar products or services on the Internet. According to the global statistics, the number of internet users grows rapidly.

Only 13-15 % of Americans don’t use the internet. That’s mean thousands of people search your products every day, but find the goods of an opponent, by reason of taking by him the best places in the search engines. Put your websites’ best foot forward by starting Search Engine Optimization and get to the top as well. Commonly, company’s location is very important, customers determine the prestige of the company by its location and appearance. The central places are trusted and attract more people. The same way, this stereotype works with SEO promotion. As a rule, the top ranking sites are the most respected sites. A great increase in Online shopping can be used as evidence of proper usage of internet technologies and it brings permanent profit to websites owners. The websites are shown in the first ten positions (TOP-10, on the first page of issuance), will attract more than 95 percent of users. If the search engine rankings the site of the company on the fourth page and on, less than 2% of users have the patience to go to this page. Therefore, the higher the site in the TOP of google search, the more traffic it will have. We recommend you to stay on TOP-5 search results for the most important search queries.

After designing and effectively setting a website, most people ask a question what to do next? Now Its time for digital marketing - a set of efficient technologies that will help to promote a website on the internet. We highly recommend using the Inbound marketing techniques. Inbound marketing is the latest approach that allows involving clients in dialogue, entertaining and providing only up-to-date and related information about your product.

It is based on posting on your site and on the web a unique content such as articles, podcasts, videos, infographics, white papers, useful materials, instructions, research reports, etc. Then with using the tools for its distribution as SEO search engine optimization, contextual advertising, social media marketing and email marketing, to keep the permanent interest of your customers. High-value posts are able to keep the user on the site and pull him to dive in the information, stay for a while and make further actions such as like, registration, purchase. Good content can create a lot of hype and increase the activity on the site, the traffic will grow, and it will bring more customers on the website. In the same time, your business brand recognition and authority will grow within the web. Also not only users read the content on the websites. There are smart searching systems like Google and Yahoo that like to read and rate the quality of content and determine its advantage. This is one of the reasons why two pages of similar information can occupy different positions on the web pages when one is higher than the other one. We believe that the future of digital marketing on the Internet is behind this complex.

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Common Questions:

We collected the most frequently asked questions and added them here and hope that they will be of use to you.

How to start a website in New York?

First, decide on the idea. Think about what functions the future project should perform? Is your website going to sell, advertise or inform? Evaluate the capabilities of your company, your own strengths. This applies to the budget. Web design and development of the website in New York is a responsible and costly business. But you will definitely get the best quality of work. Having decided on the type of a website, determine your niche. Think about whether you can become an expert in your business, whether your company will be able to surpass competitors and by what criteria. Be sure to look at examples of websites on the Internet, save links of projects design and functionality that you liked. Demonstrate these examples to the developer it will help to understand what the expectations are.

Why the promotion of websites is so important?

Website promotion is a vital service for a digital marketing strategy that every website project owner has to include in the process of growing his business. Without the elements of digital marketing such as site promotion and advertising, a webpage does not appear in the SERP, it means the potential customers will not see or know about your business. For this reason, promotion is not a whim, but a necessity. The qualified and effective promotion directly affects growth and development of your project. The customers always ask “Where to order effective promotion of the website in New York?” It is better, but not mandatory to trust this part of work to the agency responsible for making your web site design. For instance, when it comes to our digital company Bold agency in New York, we determine types of promotion through the process of creating and development of professional or friendly websites at the very beginning. And when it’s time to start working on optimization and provide technical services we already know about your business, goals, purpose, and additional information required for a digital marketing strategy. Website developing agency can determine the optimal sources of traffic, target audience, content etc. This way minimizes the risks to make mistakes and it saves you tone of time on the search for specialists whose services can’t be assured. In addition you can get a discount for a set of provided services, and this is a good saving.

What you need to understand before designing a website?

Meeting with the customer for the first time every digital marketing agency has to ask number of general and specified questions before designing a website and also get complete and understandable answers from clients. Therefore, before starting the website design, our agency provides the client with a design brief. It is a kind of detailed questionnaire about customer's business, objectives and goals that will guide us for the entire process of the website design. Having a brief with necessary information about the project is a key for the formation and understanding the tasks, purpose of the future site. Good design brief also shows what the customer wants to get eventually. The more information you provide to the agency the more ready project will correspond to the one you imagined before its order.

How much does a website development cost?

It is very common and sensible question from people interested in developing a website “ What does a website design cost?” Our website agency Bold in New York city was already thinking about this question and ready to throw some light on pricing a website. Specifying the cost of creating a website design in New York, the web studios will offer you to estimate the minimum cost of the development. The final price of the website design is going to be announced after studying the size and type of a website, after a detailed immersion in the customer's business and understanding the tasks that should be executed by working team. The final price can differ from the starting, that was declared by the manager of design studio to a customer at the first place. There are technical factors that affect the rise of the website development cost such as: the complexity of the technical assignment; number of functional improvements to the standard functionality; web site design revisions: engagement of outside specialists (photographers, videographers, etc.); writing texts, creating content for the digital marketing campaigns for website promotion.

What influences web development?

A website theme. If the subject is highly specialized, marketers and designers study deeply the best design style for your future web site. Volume of the site. The larger the website, the longer it takes to design and develop navigation, menus, pages, categories and subcategories, cards, etc. Complexity in web development. The time that it takes to start a user-friendly website depends on the complexity of individual elements such as: design, functionality, and capabilities. Preparation of Technical Specification. (TS) contains many important details: the description of each stage of development, processing and editing, the number of mock-ups of web site design and page rendering, coordination and description of functional, technical works, etc. Testing. This stage can take up to 20% of the total time the site was created. A specialist should review the website objectively, create various loads to assess the "behavior" of the site. If errors are found, the project is returned for revision, and then tested again. Additional work. On this stage Bold agency developers fill pages with content, write texts, upload and edit images, illustrations, attract photographers and videographers to create unique photos/videos, etc. Quality of feedback from the client. Launching a new site is a hard work both for agency and the client. It is a process of theme discussion, information and content gathering, agreements, confirmation, correction, feedback providing, etc. Bold agency New York City does its best to make simple but the truth is the web agency needs client’s input. If the client does not get in touch, the deadlines are affected. When we announce the terms of site development in NYC area we indicate the approximate, reasonable, realistic timeline. Exact terms are announced only after agreeing all the details with the customer, as well as with a full understanding of their tasks.

What will happen after I decide to order a development from you?

First, using a special questionnaire for the development of the web site, we will find out your requirements for the site. Then we prepare a quotation with an indication of the cost and timeline of the project. We conclude a contract with you, on the basis of which we expect 30% of the prepayment of the contract. After payment, we make a Technical Specification. Based on the approved TS, reviewing deliverables and materials provided by the client, (booklets, content, texts, images, photos, etc.), designers create a prototype for your future website. After its approval the programmers, coders, and testers start getting the project done. At the end of the work, you sign the acceptance certificate, and pay the remaining 40%.